Boston music

Brown Bones: “I Become Light”

Raised in the Live Music Capital and now based out of Beantown, producer Andrew Moon Bain’s rap sheet of recording credits includes industry giants like Diplo and Snoop Dogg. Which is plenty impressive, but it’s only been within the past couple years that Bain’s unfurled his new solo project, Brown Bones.

Bain’s first pair of singles dropped in the Fall of 2019 and a live EP came out just last summer, yet Brown Bones’ self-titled, self-produced debut full-length has been in the works for a full decade. The emotional weight of Brown Bones will cut all the way down to your core, and its roster of session players is nothing short of remarkable. Hear the full thing this Friday and treat yourself to a folk-rock freebie with its powerful lead single (and music video), “I Become Light”!

fruit collective: “walk”

Though the restrictions of COVID-19 are cautiously lifting, certain social distancing implementations have proved fruitful for some. For example, before everyone got used to living behind their laptop and collaborating remotely, it wouldn’t have been all that easy to put together a trio whose members live in different metropolitan cities, but that’s exactly what happened with fruit collective.

The Chicago-Austin-Boston three-piece bears seeds of indie, pop, and R&B for their lo-fi harvest, transplanting the berries of the late Mac Miller and contemporary KUTX favorites like Clairo and Anderson .Paak into fruit collective’s fresh sound. We all know Friday is market day, so stock up on fruit collective for the weekend with the group’s gorgeous debut single, “walk”!

Kaiti Jones: “Gettin Around to It”

As is the case with many songwriters, storytelling is core to Boston singer Kaiti Jones‘ character. And for Jones, her story began to be told back in 2009 with her first EP, Arise Child, followed by the 2013 four-track Growing Things, and eventually the Vows LP in 2017, offering a substantial amount of material to listeners who drew affectionate comparisons to the flawed, human rock of Sharon Van Etten and Julia Jacklin.

Today Jones has shared a sneak peek of her next record, Tossed, out March 5th, throwing us fans a bit of pre-weekend pep and post-workweek chill in its earnest-yet-light sophomore single (and music video), “Gettin Around to It”!