Texas Standard: September 4, 2020

After major cuts in the budget for police in the capitol city, Texas’ governor warns of a possible takeover of policing by the DPS. That story and more on the Texas Standard.

Children are dying- so says a federal judge warning Texas isn’t doing enough to protect kids in foster care. The latest from Bob Garrett of the Dallas Morning News.

A border wall–about to fall? A new engineering report warns a three mile section built in south Texas could tumble, as a legal fight to bring it down rages on.

Also the week in politics with the Texas Tribune and more.

Texas Standard: April 24, 2017

A possible government shutdown, the fate of the border wall, what could make the week busier? How about renegotiating NAFTA? The story today on the Texas Standard.

It’s not just Donald Trump who’s ready for a NAFTA redo: we’ll talk with the Mexican Economic Minister who says he think’s it needs a revamp, too…and soon.

Also, when a bill becomes law and you don’t like it, blame it on the author…unless, the author didn’t really write it. Who did? We’ll lift the curtain on the ghost writers lurking near the Texas capitol.

And a Texas Democrat warns of massive voter fraud —this time, he says, warnings need to be taken seriously.

Those stories and a whole lot more.

Texas Standard: February 24, 2017

What does the Trump administration really have in store for the next 4 years? Don’t say nobody warned ya. The story today on the Texas Standard.

Social media and text messages suspected behind skyrocketing numbers of inappropriate stident teacher relationships in Texas. What to do? The Texas legislature now stepping in.

Also: a rare conversation with the judge who’s likely to be at the center of a forthcoming wave of lawsuits over a southern wall. NPR’s John Burnett joins us with his one on one.

Texas leads the nation in windpower, but it’s been so successful they’re having to give away power…what if they could store it? What could be a breakthrough.

Texas Standard: January 9, 2017

From El Paso to Brownsville: a barrier promising to reshape our landscape and our future.
Today a focus on the wall–a special edition of the Texas Standard.

It was a staple of his presidential campaign. And there are signs, even before his inaguration, work is already underway on Donald Trump’s wall.

But how does the campaign rhetoric square with the reality on the ground… Who’ll build it and at what cost? How will change our communities, our way of life, and how we see each other. On both sides of a new great divide?

Today we’re live from Brownsville, our starting point for “the wall”.

Texas Standard: December 6, 2016

How do you get Mexico to pay for a border wall? A Texas congressman has serious ideas. And he just might be tapped to head homeland security. The story today on the Standard.

Are you a marijuana user? Why changes in values and in laws across the nation have led to changes in the background check for firearms.

If a so-called bathroom bill were to pass in Texas what would be the economic impact? A warning from a Texas business group…

Reading writing and wrongdoing—what will it take to stop the epidemic of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students?

And a court orders detention centers to open their doors…now what?

Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard.