border music

V&B: David Hidalgo & Marc Ribot

In 2011 UT Performing Arts hosted living legends David Hidalgo and Marc Ribot for their project Border Music

Their musical excursions across the borders between cultures, styles and genres were the perfect preparation for this ambitious new project. West Coast meet East Coast, Real meets Prosthetic, and guitar meets guitar in a rocking post roots pan Latin rave up/descarga. Together they have forged a unique partnership where immigrant neighborhoods meet intellectual nuance – creating truly new music to stir your heart, challenge your head and move your body.

They joined us for a Views and Brews with guest host Jody Denberg for a night of great live music and a discussion about their lives, careers and what’s next.

David Hidalgo is the driving vocal and guitar force of East LA’s Los Lobos and Latin Playboys, the former of which took border-hopping cultural collisions onto the world stage with a series of chart-topping songs and albums.

Marc Ribot (ex Tom Waits ex Lounge Lizards and just plain excellent guitarist) is the ex leader of downtown NY’s “The Prosthetic Cubans” (Los Cubanos Postizos).