Blood Red Moon

Jordan Hasto: “Blood Red Moon”

For many artists, you can pretty much determine their main influences based on a cursory first listen. Safe to say though, it’s much more stimulating when you can’t quite crack the code, only figuring out the formula when you learn about the musicians’ role models, like the last piece in a puzzle. That’s been our experience thus far with singer-guitarist Jordan Hasto, who’s settled pleasantly after moving from Philadelphia down to Austin. With the exception of Philly soul, it’s not that easy to pinpoint Hasto’s style. But according to the man himself, his composition conventions draw from a Venn diagram of John Mayer’s songwriting, Marvin Gaye’s vocals, and Jimmy Page’s guitar. In mid-August Jordan Hasto dropped his third studio single, “Blood Red Moon”, a retelling of a (thankfully) failed train-side suicide attempt whose catchy indie-soul shuffle’ll leave you eager for more.