Alex Ward: “Blazing”

This past week we’ve praised those with consistent release schedules. But today’s spotlight takes it to a whole other level. See, Alex Ward‘s not only the bassist for acclaimed Austin punk rock outfit Animals on TV. He’s also amassed tons of solo tunes over the past decade and a half. The first phase of Ward’s discography came in 2018 and 2019, but as with countless others, hit a period of “radio silence” when the pandemic rolled on through. Well, unwilling to let this ever-growing treasure trove of tunes collect dust on his home hard drive, Alex picked up where he left off in February and went full speed ahead, dropping a new single every Friday, seemingly with no stop in sight. This impressive series spans far across a spectrum of genres, all the way from synth pop and ambient to hip-hop and indie rock, where Ward’s multidisciplinary talents shine over a myriad of production styles. And kudos to Alex for recognizing when a song simply doesn’t need vocals and entrusting the intrinsic power of a great instrumental, like the short-and-sweet but super badass “Blazing”, which just came out this morning. At just a hair over one minute, “Blazing”‘s oblique synth swells steer this vignette straight into electronic dance territory, grounded by some really tasty bass work, as is the standard for Ward.