Texas Standard: July 15, 2022

The state of Texas is suing the Biden administration over abortion guidance to hospitals. The federal rules instruct emergency room doctors to provide abortion services in emergency conditions. Texas’ own law provides exceptions for the health of the pregnant patient. So why is the state suing? Also, the state terminating its guardianship over scores of young runaways once in the care of child protective services. What happens to those young people? Other stories include the Austinite who many believe invented psychedelic rock. Plus the week in politics and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: April 5, 2022

Could what critics call Florida’s “don’t say gay” law be coming to Texas? The Texas Lt. Governor says it’s a top priority. Also, the end on an historic union lockout dubbed the “Battle of Beaumont”; what it says about organized labor in Texas. And, a collection of artifacts sheds new light on one of Texas’ most celebrated musicians. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

RiRi is Prego!

This week on The Breaks Confucius and Fresh discuss the importance of owning the things you create and talk through Nicki Minaj’s run-in with City Girls. They tell you Hip-Hop Facts about the beat to Camp Lo’s “Luchini AKA This Is It,” the truth behind the title of  Drake’s hit “Marvin’s Room,” how a person gets a Roc-A-Fella chain, and more. Fresh states the Unpopular Opinion that if Nicki Minaj releases a record it will be the record of the year. And Confucius talks about Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement, Biden’s announcement that a U.S. operation killed the leader of ISIS, the recent freeze in Texas, and more in his Confucius Reads the News segment.

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Texas Standard: February 7, 2022

A Texas official takes on listener questions about new vote-by-mail rules. Also, the energy implications of last week’s winter storm and the lingering psychological impacts of the winter storm of 2021. Those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: January 27, 2022

With news of Stephen Breyer’s retirement, a Texas legal scholar offers an inside look at who might be on President Biden’s short list for the supreme court. Also, a new commodity for Texas farmers and ranchers that could help save the world; why so few are currently buying in. Plus, Omar Gallaga with some choice words about the Wordle craze. These stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: January 24, 2022

Austin has ’em, so does San Antonio–now, almost five years after Hurricane Harvey, Harris County officials are looking into massive underground tunnels to help with flooding. Also, why Texas is one of only four states where employment numbers have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. And, Austin-based author on her new book exploring the Mexican American experience in Texas. Those stories and more, today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: June 22, 2020

As President Trump tries to get his campaign restarted after lockdowns nationwide, what to make of polls suggesting the rise of Joe Biden in Texas. That and more today on the Texas Standard.

Stay at home rules are supposed to promote safety but for many, home is anything but safe, as concerns mount in some communities over rates of domestic violence.

Also, Texas restaurants on the front line of enforcing face mask rules. And, dropping “The Eyes of Texas”. The case being made by athletes and others against the University of Texas at Austin’s official alma mater song.

Those stories and more.