Texas Standard: July 6, 2016

A Texas delegate pens an open letter to the head of the national GOP…get out of the way and get ready for a shakeup. A texan plotting to trump Trump at the party convention… we’ll hear her story. Also, if you’re homeschooling kids, do you really have to, if you’re convinced that the rapture is coming? A Texas Supreme Court decision triggers consternation, ridicule, and celebration, we’ll have details. Also check your pulse: are financial worries exacting too high a toll on the health of Texans? Plus, how a big move for a Japanese automaker has triggered what some call the Toyota effect…those stories and much more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: April 8, 2016

Texas tops the national news on the April 8th the latest: a shoot at a military base in San Antonio. Also- the latest on a shooting incident at Lackland air force base…also
a cellphone video of a 12 year old slammed to the ground by school police stirs debate over the line between maintaining order and abuse of power. And Many happy returns? As taxpaying texans prepare to gloat on the 15th, we ask whether we might be more in line with the other 49 than we think. And this weeks inspiring basketball championship story you might have missed out on…Those stories and much more on todays Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: December 1, 2015

Ted Cruz wants to be President. Born in the USA? Not exactly. Natural born citizen? Who be the judge? You be. Also- a terrorist army raking in half a billion a year from oil. What’s the best strategy for capping a gusher? A potential vacancy raises the question of whether the NBA’s ready for its first female coach. Chances are very good she’ll be from Texas by the way. And a top legal scholar declares a Judicial emergency in Texas federal courthouses. Those stories and lots more on todays Texas Standard:

The Path of Spencer Haywood (Ep. 47, 2015)

ABA and NBA legend Spencer Haywood talks about his successes and struggles in sports and courts, and his journey to reach the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Texas Standard: June 22, 2015

After protests and hunger strikes freedom for scores of south Texas detainees…congressman Joaquin Castro joins us. $300 million in spending cuts…with the stroke of the governor’s pen. We’ll hear what got dropped over the weekend, and what it means for the bigger picture. Using well water in the Barnett shale could be hazardous to your heath…that according to one of the most comprehensive groundwater studies in US history. We’ll have details. You can do anything if you really try. Really? We’ll hear from a Texan who went all in to learn how to dunk a basketball.