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Marinah: “Superheroína”

We’re officially halfway through Women’s History Month but still have plenty of folks to shine the spotlight on, so let’s continue the celebration with Spanish singer-songwriter Marinah. Marinah ‘La Canillas’ Abad’s become beloved in Barcelona and beyond based off her glory days with Latin Grammy-winners Ojos de Brujos, but since the band called it quits back in 2013, Marinah’s made a memorable name for herself with a promising solo output.

Having already shown a mastery over many contemporary and classic Latin styles with her first two full-lengths, Marinah released her third album, Heroínas, last Friday. And to call it a solo album is almost unfair, considering the number of noticeable collaborators involved. But Heroínas is nonetheless an impressive personal contribution to Women’s History Month from Marinah and her counterparts, who all share the real life superpower of survival in the modern era of oppression, as detailed in empowering tracks like “Superheroína”!