Bar B Que

Texas Standard: September 29, 2016

The Saudi’s cry uncle. And the markets predicting a big boost in oil prices. A green light for drilling in Texas again? We’ll explore. Plus teenagers turning hitmen? How border cartels are recruiting school kids. Also With Texans transfixed on the drama of election season, some say a quiet movement is picking up steam which could have a much more profound impact that the vote in November is there a constitutional convention in our future? And its 4 in the morning and you’ve gotta have barbecue. In all of Texas, there’s only one joint that serving up 24/7. We’ll smoke it out. All that and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: June 23, 2016

The Supreme Court’s eyes on Texas today… including a ruling on President Obama’s executive action on immigration. We’ll break down the implications. Plus a win for the University of Texas at the country’s highest court. What the ruling on affirmative action means for the rest of the state, and the country. Also Texas Democrats were among those taking a stand on gun bills by sitting in the house chamber. We talk with Representative Joaquin Castro about what he’s hoping to accomplish. And let’s face it, work can be hard… and more often than not it seems technology adds to our troubles. But we have a few tech tips that may turn the tide. And Brisket isn’t BBQ? We’ll break down the outrageous claim by a food writer who clearly did not come from Texas. Those stories and so much more today on the Texas Standard: