Texas Standard: June 15, 2018

A huge lawsuit targeting an entire range of abortion restrictions in Texas. An organizer calls it the big fix, the state says it’s going nowhere. The story coming up on the Texas Standard.

Cities across the lone star state have instituted plastic bag bans–are those laws about to be trashed? A whole lot rides on three little words. We’ll hear why–and what they are.

Also, one year after America’s biggest online retailer announced it was purchasing Texas based Whole Foods- what’s happened to the store’s foodie culture? And what changes are happening in the grocery biz?

Plus the week in Texas politics with the Texas Tribune and a whole lot more.

Texas Standard: August 26, 2016

How much is too much? A Texas teacher’s note to parents sparks a national conversation over homework. We’re hittin’ the books today on the Texas Standard.

You’ve heard about the opioid problem nationwide, now hear this: the drug linked to the death of Prince is causing a crisis in Houston. We’ll learn why.

Also, is the bag ban in several Texas cities about to get sacked? A court case in Laredo may have set a statewide precedent.

And more than just Friday Night Lights: why the start of the season could rekindle a sense of community.