Aquí Te Espero

Iván Cornejo: “Aquí Te Espero” (ACL Fest Pop-Up)

Well before Brenda Lee’s auspicious adolescence, breakout success for a teenage performers has shown up in many different forms. These days though, more often than not, social media seems like the most reliable platform for international exposure. For example, look at Iván Cornejo.

In true Zoomer fashion, Cornejo’s initial guitar training came from YouTube tutorials. But the intrinsic creativity and passion Cornejo possesses? That’s all natural. Building on a Spanish language, Regional-Mexican-meets-alt-rock style of songwriting that stems back to a middle school breakup, by the time Iván graduated high school, his 2021 single “Está Dañada” had gone viral on Tik-Tok and broken its way into the Billboard Hot 100. Thankfully that early traction didn’t get to this Riverside innovator’s head, and within the following year Cornejo’s sophomore LP Dañado had scored him several more high-charting positions.

In this mere third year of official activity, after getting signed to industry giant Interscope, Iván Cornejo’s sold out a nationwide tour, which included stops at the immense Miller Lite Stage both Sundays of ACL Fest. What wasn’t on that tour itinerary was an appearance at KUTX’s backstage tent that included a gorgeous quartet performance of Cornejo’s latest Hot 100 darling “Aquí Te Espero”. It’s an awe-inspiring example of how the emotional qualities of music can transcend language, because even if you don’t speak Spanish, “Aquí Te Espero” will leave you waiting here wanting more.