Andrew Cashen

Cashandra (aka Sabrina Ellis & Andrew Cashen) Interview Unedited

We had a number of great interviews from our latest Hotel Magdalena season.

This week, we’re revisiting Cashandra (Sabrina Ellis & Andrew Cashen of Sweet Spirit & A Giant Dog) where they discuss how their time at the hotel brought them back to their roots of songwriting, growing up playing shows in Houston and hearing real outtakes from their songwriting process.

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Cashandra (Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen) – Father Lonely

Week 2 of our new mini-season featuring stories collected in our permanent confessional booth at Hotel Magdalena is here! Our confessor tells us a spicy tale of a romantic escapade with a priest… in Rome, no less.
Inspired by our confessor, prolific Austin-based collaborators Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen debut their new project, Cashandra. A brief departure from their rock anthem roots, they wrote a dreamy synth-pop singalong encouraging us to be ourselves.
Hear all about it on more on our latest episode!