Almost Everybody

Big Bill: “Almost Everybody”

When artists take a hard left turn from their established sound it can be pretty polarizing. But if they can pull it off without losing too many of their defining characteristics…no harm, no foul, right? We’ve got high hopes for Big Bill, an Austin quartet who’s built a repertoire of quirky, ’80s-style art-punk since 2016. But much like their inspirations and predecessors, Big Bill’s moving forward with the times, entering these early 2020s by jumping on ’90s indie tones that are a little less like Minutemen and a little more like Weezer.

This pivot towards classic indie comes alongside Big Bill’s sophomore full-length Public Freakout Compilation, out June 10th. At ten tracks, Public Freakout Compilation still carries the oddball post-punk energy that made us fall in love with Big Bill in the first place, as well as some softer, slower arrangements that for some, may indicate a badge of maturity. Following last year’s bilingual single “Coma” and this February’s “Forget About Monday”, Big Bill has just released Public Freakout Compilation‘s third offering, “Almost Everybody”. It’ll be joined by a music video companion piece at the end of this week. But even without the visuals, you can get an alluring first listen to Big Bill’s new duds on the masterfully-crafted indie-rock shuffle of “Almost Everybody” below.