Texas Standard: June 24, 2022

Roe vs. Wade has been overturned. A closer look at the impact of the 6-3 decision on abortion announced by the US supreme court. It is one of the most profound and significant changes to US constitutional law in recent memory. A discussion of the court’s rationale, what the Dobbs decision means as a practical matter for for those seeking access to abortion services, for Texas law and the laws of almost half the states in the union. This and more today on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: December 10, 2021

A Supreme Court decision on Texas’ new abortion law- which says more about legal procedure than reproductive rights. Details today on the Texas Standard.

Almost halfway through the school year and chronic shortages of teachers combined with COVID concerns continue to cause trouble in districts statewide, coming up, how this is playing out at a school in Fort Bend.

$800 million to curb the spread of COVID in the classroom- mostly unspent. We’ll hear why.

And the thousands of multimillion dollar mansions in Texas that pay no taxes because of who’s living there. Those stories and much more.

Texas Standard: December 7, 2016

Not since 1787 has the US had a constitutional convention. Now, what was once considered the unthinkable looks possible. The story today on the Texas Standard

The problems of prognostication. Politics: you’re not alone. We’ll look at forecasting through an unlikely lens.

Also a new Texas rule to require burial of fetal remains–for those seeking an abortion, what this means as a practical matter.

They’re calling it the flooding capitol of the nation. It’s also set to become the third largest city in the US. As development continues, can a flood czar help? Or is it too late?