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July 6, 2023

‘That’s typical, you know?’

By: Brittney Martin and Naomi Reed

(Episode 5) Fort Bend ISD says it’s not going to fund any more research on the Sugar Land 95, so a familiar group takes control. But is that group the best for the job? Plus, we start our own genealogical journey.

The full transcript and a collection of materials, letters and reports are available on our Sugar Land podcast website.


June 16, 2023

Who’s Buried Here?

(Episode 1) The Fort Bend Independent School District is set to start building a new school in the sweet city of Sugar Land, Texas. After years of planning, contractors finally break ground on the site. But the very next day, someone shows up with a warning: Be on the lookout for bodies. Archival audio in […]


May 24, 2023

Trailer: Sugar Land

Sugar Land, Texas, is a city with a sweet reputation … but it’s hiding a dark secret. The suspected remains of 95 convict laborers were discovered during the construction of a new school. Who are they and why are they there?