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March 22, 2022

Sarah Kinsley: “The King” (Live in Studio 6A)

By: Jack Anderson

There’s an unsaid promise imbued in the term “alt-pop”; it’s bound to have many of the upbeat sonic qualities claimed by mainstream pop but its nuanced chord changes and introspective lyrical content may not appeal as much to the masses. That said, New York’s Sarah Kinsley could very well be on the fast track to superstardom. This singer-guitarist-producer began impressing a new batch of listeners with her performance prowess and songwriting maturity on her 2020 EP, The Fall. Last year she followed that up with her five-track The King, earning Kinsley millions of streams, especially for the record’s title track.

“The King” has clearly become a favorite of fans and Kinsley herself, considering she recently released a standalone live version. And to the good fortune of our SXSW Studio 6A crowd, Sarah Kinsley shared a bit of the crown with another regal rendition of that beloved tune.