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November 1, 2019

Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage: “In Certain Orders”

By: Jack Anderson

There’s a certain electricity that enters the air right after Halloween, where we eagerly await the Holidays, cold weather, time with family, and oh yeah – more killer new music.

NYC-born songwriter/comic artist Jeffrey Lewis has a seemly insatiable appetite to keep creating, dating back to when he helped shape the antifolk movement in the late ’90s. After spending a couple years in our fair city at the turn of the millennium, Lewis began releasing albums under England’s Rough Trade Records, slowly transitioning into lively indie rock and shuffling through a few different backing band names (The Junkyard, The Jrams & Los Bolts)  in the process. It’s only been within the past year that Lewis has rerouted to a domestic label alongside a new iteration of Los Bolts – The Voltage.

Now with all their circuits in order, Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage, a twelve-song LP showcasing Lewis’ tragic/comedic lyrical dichotomy and the band with their boldest songs to date. The album came out today, Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage stop by Cheer Up Charlie’s on November 19th alongside Batty Jr. and David Israel, and right now you can get tangled up in Bad Wiring with “In Certain Orders”!

-Jack Anderson