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June 7, 2022

Holy Wire: “Twenty Six”

By: Jack Anderson

In some ways, everyone’s a historian; we reflect on our past, rewrite narratives, review documents from before our prime and re-contextualize them so they’re readily-applicable today. That’s doubly true for musicians like Alain Paradis, whose grasp on ’80s music makes his own modern songwriting sound like it came straight out of a time capsule. Paradis’ from Brooklyn, but has recently brought his project Holy Wire down here to Austin. The endeavor’s first iteration was ‘Order of Operations’, a fitting handle for someone as methodical as Paradis, but Holy Wire captures the sacrosanct circuitry of Paradis analog modular synth setup as well as the chords that connect his music across decades.

This morning Holy Wire blessed us with the title track from his latest EP, Twenty Six, which traces the strands of new-wave, post-punk, and synth-pop across three tunes. Abe Sieferth and Joe Lambert (both of whom have worked with LCD Soundsystem) handled the mixing and mastering, respectively, exalting the audio even higher. Thematically Twenty Six tackles the turpitude of your twenties, alternating between fond memories and grief over the end of an era. But you don’t have to succumb to FOMO regardless of your age, considering the “Twenty Six” single release show is 8PM tonight at Hotel Vegas. Holy Wire doesn’t hit the stage until 11PM, so give “Twenty Six” a few spins to familiarize yourself with the lyrics so you can sing along in person.


June 6, 2024

Atlas Maior: “Jah Ali – Doctor Phono Remix”

You might’ve caught wind of our own Michael Crockett’s retirement announcement, which means his Sunday evening program Global Grooves will grinding to a halt in just a few weeks. It’s a bittersweet end to an era, no doubt, but fortunately there are other potent purveyors of world music right here in the city limits. Folks […]


June 5, 2024

Bryn Terranova: “Fueled By Fate” (feat. Natalia Nekare)

Progressive metal and drum n bass. Two high octane genres that we here at KUTX could be a lot better at curating. Just for today, though, we’re getting some local help from a whole new world of both styles. We’re talking about Austin’s Bryn Terranova, who on top of her time as a graphic designer […]


June 4, 2024

Meggan Carney: “Ketchup”

Despite the already-blistering temps down here in Texas, Summer doesn’t officially start for another couple weeks. And with exactly one month to go until Independence Day, Hot Dog Season is coming up quick too. But you can’t have hot dogs without ketchup, right? Well, we’re set to have plenty of ketchup on deck over the […]


June 3, 2024

om la lună: “Pescărușii zboară (Seagulls Fly)”

We rarely get to bask in the music of The Balkans, so there’s never a bad opportunity to toss the spotlight over to Romania. There’s a language barrier to the lyrics, no doubt, but the actual sounds are often familiar enough to make them plenty accessible to Westerners. Case in point: om la lună, which […]


May 31, 2024

lluvii: “Up All Night”

As one of the southernmost states to neighbor Latin America, it’s no big surprise that Texas is home to loads of great Latin music. But what really catches us off guard is the abundance of infectious Afrobeat energy right here in Austin. And if we put Latin Psych on the same spectrum as Afrobeat, you […]


May 29, 2024

Babe & The Crystals: “The Way You Love Me”

Sometimes all you need to reignite a long dormant project is just revamping the name. Well…that and maybe a brush with death for good measure. At least that’s what recently rekindled the creativity for Nashville four-piece Babe & The Crystals, who first started out a decade back under the handle Kid Freud. Kid Freud called […]


May 29, 2024

Sean Austin: “Mercy” (Remix) (feat. Lion Heights)

The rapid rate of single rollouts in hip-hop have really made us take remixes for granted. Because when it’s as simple as revisiting the beat, rewriting a verse, and inviting in a few new voices, “I like the remix better” becomes a given with pretty much any commercial success. Which is a shame, since remixes […]


May 28, 2024

Lavender Scare: “I Hate Saturdays”

Pride Month kicks off in just a few days, and to help you celebrate in style, we’re swirling the colors with a rising Queer project. And that’s Lavender Scare, whose midcentury reference of a band handle alone tips you off to their championing of LGBTQ identities. Chief songwriter Ruby Del Mar commands the quartet with […]