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May 13, 2020

Hanni El Khatib: “ALIVE”

By: Jack Anderson

Although his name might not ring a bell right off the bat, you’ve heard Hanni El Khatib‘s sharp guitar work on recordings by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, Wu Tang Clan’s GZA and solo act Freddie Gibbs. Under his own name, however, the L.A.-based songwriter’s released four solo albums, exploring a full spectrum of rock ‘n’ roll across punk, blues, indie, and soul. On top of steady critical acclaim, El Khatib’s solo rock has also been heard in major television commercials (including a Super Bowl ad) and series, as well as a movie and video game, but his success ultimately led to alcohol and tour exhaustion, and eventually depression and anxiety.

Having reunited with close friend and producer Leon Michels (Lana Del Rey, Travis Scott, Eminem, etc.), Hanni El Khatib’s not only tossed the bottle out the window but also any dedication to the garage rock sound that made him famous. Instead, FLIGHT finds El Khatib and Michels experimenting with psychedelia and sample-heavy hip-hop, evoking classic records like Paul’s BoutiqueOdelayDonuts, or Madvillainy while maintaining the singer’s robust vocals. The rejuvenating LP is out on Friday, and you can pump up your hump day energy with the reborn version of Hanni El Khatib on, “ALIVE”!


May 13, 2024

Big Bill: “Emotions”

If you’ve kept posted on Austin quartet Big Bill, you know they’re in somewhat of a post-pivot position. Yeah, after years of establishing their space in the oddball-deadpan-art-punk sector, Big Bill pulled off a risky switch to more of a ’90s-style indie rock sound with their Summer 2022 full-length Public Freakout Compilation. And while we’d […]


May 8, 2024

Honey Luck: “Red Line”

Summer’s just over a month away. And with the birds and the bees still bringing new life into Spring, it’s a great time to appreciate fresh acts. So let’s stick a dipper into one of the latest projects to come out of Austin, Honey Luck. This Americana trio was born out of an auspicious meeting […]


May 8, 2024

Jomo & The Possum Posse: “La Quinta”

Short-term shelter ain’t just part of a discreet routine for affairs and flings. Naw, as an integral piece to any touring musician’s itinerary, lodging has found a cozy place in the songwriter space, ranging from themes of post-breakup lifelessness (“Heartbreak Hotel”), raunchy encounters (“Chelsea Hotel #2”), and tour torpor (“Holiday Inn”) to whatever the hell […]


May 7, 2024

Steel Gemini: “Only Freak”

If you’re a fan of that synth pop section of indie electronica in the ilk of Goldfrapp, Grimes, and CHVRCHES…there’s a relatively recent artist right here in town that’ll absolutely scratch that itch. And that’s Steel Gemini, the Austin-based project of singer-songwriter-producer Joy Baldwin. Ever since her December 2022 debut, Baldwin’s been a real joy […]


May 5, 2024

Jana Mila: “Somebody New”

In an environment as dense and competitive as Americana, a unique set of lens can really help you stand out. But if that habitat appears even remotely unnatural to others, every little bit of local color improves your odds of surviving in the long run. Meet Jana Mila. Mila’s Amsterdam upbringing was spent in the […]


May 2, 2024

Mikky & The Doom: “Garbage, USA”

In most situations, if you got it, flaunt it. But in an industry that demands infinitely more from your ears than from your eyes, if the hottest person on the planet doesn’t have the pipes to match their looks, they probably don’t have a shot at succeeding as a singer. So let’s talk newcomer Mikky […]


May 2, 2024

Henry the Archer: “ViolinT”

If this late Spring’s got your spirits shook up and you’re looking for some renewed motivation to tend to your garden (be it literal or figurative), we’ve got a DFW act that’ll make you go hard in the yard. And that’s on behalf of singer-guitarist-keyboardist R. Hennessy, AKA “Henry O”, who’s been hitting the mark […]


May 1, 2024

Emily Shirley: “Morning Light”

It’s the classic end to an encounter. You meet someone new. Sparks seemingly fly. You have fun for a night. But when you wake up ready to tell your new boo you’d like to see ’em again…they’re long gone. Hell, and in the modern era, that might all happen on just on an app alone. […]