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October 1, 2019

Briston Maroney: “Fool’s Gold” (Live in Studio 1A)

By: Jack Anderson

From Knoxville to Florida and finally back to Nashville, the traveling minstrel mindset has gone full troubadour status for Briston Maroney. This twenty-one-year-old songwriter put out his third EP, Indiana, back in May and he’s been flaunting his impressive, soft indie rock sound on the road ever since. Maroney’s still up to his waist in an international tour in support of Indiana, continuing with a fortnight circuit across the Lone Star State, including both weekends at ACL Fest.

Briston Maroney put out a new single last month, he plays Saturday afternoons on the Vrbo stage, and you can get a feel for his live stuff with a Studio 1A nugget from this Summer: “Fool’s Gold”!