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Jack Anderson

October 19, 2021

Ethan Azarian: “Zebras”

Though he got his start way up in Vermont, singer/painter Ethan Azarian's been flourishing in Austin for the past three decades, beginning with his early-'90s project The Orange Mothers with longtime collaborator Jeff Johnston. This seasoned banjo-playing vocalist hasn't felt the need to shy away from evergreen themes of folk songwriting, instead tapping into what makes people tick and exploring those elements in his own unique way. This Friday Ethan Azarian shares his latest endeavor, On The Fringe, and celebrates with a release show this Saturday evening at Wyldwood House Concerts alongside his pals Lindsey Verrill, Jeff Johnston, and Little Mazarn. So…


October 18, 2021

Brian Wolff: “I Love You, Goodnight”

You might have fond memories of Fair City Fire, whose embers attracted a formidable following over their seven-year tenure here in Austin, even landing their own official day on August 31st, 2019. The bad news is that Fair City Fire's called it quits. But the good news is that FCF co-founder Brian Wolff continues to stoke those creative flames with his newfound eponymous solo project. With the help of producer Chris "Frenchie" Smith, this singer-guitarist has recently completed work on his debut EP The Punch, due out next Spring. You can expect some truly innovative originals from Wolff, who drew…


October 15, 2021

Calder Allen: “Bend of the River” (ACL Fest Pop-Up)

As the grandson of Lubbock-raised creative polymath Terry Allen, singer-guitarist Calder Allen has been raised with a set of songwriting sensibilities that few have been privy to. But despite that huge leg-up heritage-wise, Allen only made his live band debut just a couple weeks ago with Charlie Sexton during the first Sunday of ACL Fest. Calder unleashed a batch of previously-unheard Americana originals, leaving the Tito's Handmade Vodka Stage thirsty for much more from this poet extraordinaire beyond ACL. So while we all eagerly await to hear Calder Allen again, appreciate the fact that this up-and-comer doesn't need a backing band…


October 14, 2021

David Ramirez: “Friends Forever” (ACL Fest Pop-Up)

Since the salad days of KUTX, Austin songwriter David Ramirez has been a major staple of our airwaves. And David's growth alongside ours over the years makes us feel like we've got a special bond between us. So imagine our elation when this six-time Studio 1A veteran visited us backstage at ACL Fest and treated us to a preview of an unreleased track all about his preference for platonic pals, "Friends Forever"!


October 13, 2021

Mega Ran: “Live 95 (Basketball Diaries)”

Since the genre's earliest days there's been a fruitful relationship between hip hop music and basketball, a legacy that's soon set to continue with Philadelphia's Mega Ran. The rapper's dressing out for the NBA's 75th season with his upcoming 11th album, Live 95, a loving tribute to this unique intersectionality of sports, music, and urban life that features some of Mega Ran's finest verbal athleticism to date. Live 95 struts onto the court next Friday and Mega Ran celebrates with a scrimmage next Tuesday at Empire Control Room, where we're pretty sure he's only going to be shooting threes with no…


October 12, 2021

Brandy Zdan: “The Worst Thing”

Canada's Brandy Zdan may have settled into her current home base of Nashville back in 2014, but the preceding three years she spent here in Austin was plenty enough to win over a following. This year Zdan's zeroing in on Falcon, the full-length follow-up to her 2018 sophomore release Secretear that's set to spread its wings at the end of the month. Falcon features some of Zdan's most personal reflections to date, and is a testament to how far this take-no-guff multi-instrumentalist-producer has soared in the rock aurora. Hear Zdan soar with Falcon on October 29th and get on the wing early…


October 11, 2021

Tony Kamel: “Slow On The Gulf”

For those with their ear near to Austin's alt-country/Americana scene, the name Tony Kamel shouldn't sound too unfamiliar. For years Kamel's provided the circuitry for the Grammy-nominated string group (and KUTX favorites) Wood & Wire, and alongside his newfound fatherhood, has recently issued his debut solo LP, Back Down Home. This Kamel-Back packs all the coastal accoutrements you'd expect from a nature-loving Texan, at-times spiced with Cajun and Appalachian flavors for an authentically American listening experience. Back Down Home dropped a couple weeks ago and Tony Kamel celebrates with back-to-back release shows this weekend (right after he returns from Utopia Fest), Friday and Saturday…


October 8, 2021

Shiela: “YO TE QUISE”

Raised in Nicaragua and inspired by the passion portrayed in 1997's Selena, Austin indie-R&B singer Shiela began forging her own mononymous path to superstardom at a young age. Now, Shiela's impeccable knack for crossover appeal (both genre-wise and through bilingual lyrics) has helped make her 2021 debut Chilita a treasure chest of eclecticism, one that even includes a brief feature from our very own "Fresh" Knight. Shiela plays a quarter past two this Sunday at the Tito's Handmade Vodka Stage for Austin City Limits Music Festival. So to get you settled into Shiela's sentimental mindset for the weekend ahead, soak up her…


October 7, 2021

The Tender Things: “You’ll Be Gone”

The forecast calls for sunny, clear skies so it'll be a perfect weekend to appreciate The Tender Things. Frontman Jesse Ebaugh's experiences with bluegrass and blues rock groups in Northern Kentucky laid the groundwork for this "hippie country" outfit, which was formed here in Austin only a few years ago after Ebaugh resigned from Heartless Bastards. The Tender Things' gritty, retro-Appalachian style first appeared on their 2017 eponymous debut and took an even darker turn with last year's How You Make a Fool. So if you're the type to enjoy ACL's early afternoons, be sure to enjoy The Tender Things…



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