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Jack Anderson

December 7, 2021

The Cactus Blossoms: “Hey Baby”

Although Minneapolis brothers Page Burkum and Jack Torrey didn't begin singing together until they were in their thirties, The Cactus Blossoms and their handsome harmonies have already flourished a reputation that gives The Everly Brothers a run for their money. A half decade after The Cactus Blossoms released their debut LP You're Dreaming and just two since their 2019 sophomore Easy Way, Burkum and Torrey have just announced a new full-length, One Day. One Day drops February 11th of next year and The Cactus Blossoms have shared a little bit of its pollen early to keep our honey jar healthy,…


December 6, 2021

The Eldridge Band: “All Away”

Based out of Tennessee, guitarist-vocalist-organist Jon Eldridge has enlisted some of Nashville's finest for his eponymous rock project The Eldridge Band - fellow multi-instrumentalists Johnny Boyd and Caroline Browning as well as drummer Will Morrison. And after tracking their debut full-length Hindsight this past year, The Eldridge Band teamed up with acclaimed Jack White/Chris Stapleton engineer Vance Powell to mix the record and take it to another level. It's been a couple weeks since Hindsight dropped in late November, giving us plenty of time to look back and fully appreciate how well put-together this album is; Hindsight's impressive sonic and…


December 2, 2021

A. Sinclair: “Secrets”

One of the most auspicious arbiters of rock here in Austin is undoubtedly A. Sinclair. Since 2014's Pretty Girls, Aaron Sinclair's consistently curated an intricate indie rock sound bolstered by cavalier-but-calculated vocals and gorgeous guitar work, a legacy that's continued with this year's Sunshine Ghost LP. This two-time Studio 1A veteran joins a roster of fellow Mr. Pink Records artists this Sunday at Hole in the Wall for the release of A. Sinclair's latest single, "Secrets". Over a mere three minutes, "Secrets" escalates from a stripped-down pairing of dry vocals and acoustic guitar into an enormous, reverb-drenched indie rock masterpiece…


December 1, 2021

Anand Wilder: “I Don’t Want Our Love to Become Routine”

Some of you may still be distraught over the 2019 disbanding of Yeasayer post-Erotic Reruns, but former core member Anand Wilder has come with a bit of good news. Wilder's recently announced his upcoming solo debut I Don't Know My Words for release early next year, in which Wilder reignited the self-imposed creative challenges of his childhood by performing and recording each and every featured instrument. The announcement comes along two new tunes and a music video, both of which recall some elements of Yeasayer's songwriting formulas, albeit in a slower, more retro-acoustic manner. This carefully crafted pair presents a…


November 30, 2021

Strand of Oaks: “Easter” [KUTX Pop-Up]

Singer-guitarist Timothy Showalter took the trauma of his early twenties and transformed it into his solo project Strand of Oaks while he was still in Pennsylvania but it's open been since he moved down to Austin that his style has fully flourished. Following the release of his eighth album In Heaven back at the beginning of October, Showalter's been touring America alongside Jason Isbell and embarks on an international tour beginning next February. But the latest from this three-time Studio 1A veteran is a pop-up session which Strand of Oaks graciously allowed our multimedia team to capture in Showalter's own…


November 29, 2021

Sarita: “Never Give Up”

Austin's Sara Maria may only have a couple singles to her musical moniker as of now, but just those two tracks alone are plenty enough to impress us with the potential of Sarita. Sarita's been blending a variety of genre nooks and crannies for her upcoming debut album, be it from folk, pop, R&B, or soul, and rounds out these eclectic sonics with a powerful feminine voice that falls somewhere between Janis Joplin, Norah Jones, and Sade. So keep an ear out for Sarita's record in the near future, and keep the tranquil Thanksgiving-weekend vibes alive with a calming cornucopia…


November 26, 2021

Clarence James: “Freedom Comes”

Following all the cranberry sauce, stuffing, and more, the post-Thanksgiving digestion period can be plenty liberating. But even with the knowledge that everyone's still full and high on family time (be it for better or worse), Austin singer-guitarist Clarence James has just come out of the kitchen with a double dish of socially-conscious soul, courtesy of his new two-track EP. But despite James' jazz-adjacent vocals and tender guitar work, this pair of self-produced originals is far from just comfort food; they instead recreate experiences of racial profiling and "driving while Black" in the opening track and champion for nourishment through…


November 23, 2021

Akina Adderley: “Home Before Dark”

The term "songstress" is a relatively outdated one, but if there's anyone here in Austin that fits the description, it's absolutely Akina Adderley. In addition to her work providing vocals for the world-jazz group NORI and as one third of retro-girl-pop project Charlie Faye & The Fayettes, Adderley's long maintained a reputation as a must-hear powerhouse performer, be it on her own or with her eponymous trio. Akina Adderley plays with NORI on December 11th at Central Market North Lamar and with The Akina Adderley Trio on December 29th at Geraldine's, but the big news comes in the form of…


November 22, 2021

Buffalo Nichols: “Lost & Lonesome” (Studio 1A Version)

For the past few weeks you've heard plenty from our November 2021 Artist of the Month Buffalo Nichols, the Houston-born/Milwaukee-raised singer-guitarist who just released his self-titled debut. Carl Nichols' worldly travels and keen sense of observation have both leant themselves to the lyrical praises for Buffalo Nichols and just last week he dropped by Studio 1A to both break up the kenopsia and entertain a socially-distanced, masked-up crowd. So add Buffalo Nichols to your streaming player and check out the Studio 1A session below, one that kicks off with the heady but coherent piece of jazz-folk poetry, "Lost & Lonesome".



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