Mando Rayo

#TacosSaveTexas (Again.)

As our uncertain world turns, it seems like only one thing stays consistent — the generosity of Texas taqueros. Whether they’re feeding communities in need during natural disasters, or simply working to enforce their operation’s mask mandate during a global pandemic, it’s not often these brave culinary craftsmen and women get the recognition they deserve. In this episode, we’ll chat with some taco do-gooders about their work to lift up their communities and care for society’s most vulnerable. Because like most things, humanitarianism is best when it’s wrapped in a homemade tortilla hecho con amor. Guests include Jessica Villa-Gomez BoomBox Taco (Houston) and TK Tunchez, Founder of Frida Fridays (Austin).

Texas Trends: Birria

Birria de Res has arrived in Texas and it seems nobody can get enough of this red hot taco trend but don’t tell that to the goat birria die-hards. In this episode, we dissect the Birria trend, beef, and goat, from its century-old roots in central Mexico to its newfound popularity as Texas’s latest taco trend. We’ll also learn how Tejanos are adapting the dish for brisket-hungry local palates. Guest include Josh Palacio, El Remedio (San Antonio) and Chris Morrill, Taco Shop El Paso (El Paso).

Tacos in the time of COVID

It’s 2021 and we’re still pivoting through the pandemic. In this episode, we check in on Texas taquerias and chefs to see how they’ve adapted to an uncertain industry and what steps they’re taking to keep their operations above water. We’ll also take a look at how the pandemic affected both eaters’ dining habits and the local hospitality industry as a whole. Guests include Carlos Acosta, Rosarito Austin, and Norma Martinez, Texas Public Radio

The Rise of Tex-Mex BBQ

If you asked any natural born Texan what food they most associate with their home state, chances are you’ll get one of two answers: BBQ and Tacos. In this episode we examine how these two disparate food traditions collided to to create the Lone Star sensation that is Tex-Mex BBQ. We’ll get a comprehensive look at this trend’s history, uncovering what exactly is Tex-Mex BBQ? How far do the style’s roots go? And most importantly, where are the best BBQ Tacos in Texas found? Guests include Ernest Servantes of Burnt Bean Company in Seguin, Joel Garcia of Teddy’s BBQ in Weslaco, and Eliana Gutierrez of Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ In Austin. Check out this Tex-Mex BBQ map we made with all the spots we mention in this episode.