Rabbi Neil Blumofe

Benny Goodman (Sunday 3.24.13)

In the 1930’s, the clarinetist and bandleader, Benny Goodman, brought jazz stylings to mainstream America. With this short feature jazz historian and Rabbi Neil Blumofe muses on how Goodman offered a space for freedom and expression which combated early 20th century ideologies based on fear and tyranny. In an age of segregation, creeping fear, and xenophobia, Goodman boldly set forth a new agenda for American music, integrating his band and exasperating the assumptions of culture, sophistication, and assumed ways of life. His legacy reminds us to reconsider regimented ideas of identity and forge our own paths against repression.

John Coltrane (Sunday 2.10.13)

Jazz legend John Coltrane offered a spiritual dimension to the jazz conversation and continues to inspire innovation amongst musicians today. In this short segment rabbi Neil Blumofe highlights some of Coltrane’s most transformational works and adds a spiritual perspective to the importance of his music in our lives today.