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April 21, 2021

Why Are There So Many Caterpillars Hanging From The Trees This Spring?

By: Matt Largey

Remember the movie Die Hard? It’s kinda like that.


December 15, 2023

Why are some Austin sidewalks red?

There’s your standard gray sidewalk, of course. But what on Earth does a red sidewalk mean?


September 14, 2023

What happened to Juarez-Lincoln University in downtown Austin?

Before there was an IHOP, there was a university that attempted to revolutionize higher education for immigrants at the corner of I-35 and Cesar Chavez Street.


September 7, 2023

What are those towers for in West Austin and why are they all there?

Off to Austin’s west, you may have seen a collection of towers with their red lights blinking through the night. ALSO: You can get tickets to our next ATXplained Live show here.


August 23, 2023

What’s the story behind the colorful Maria de la Luz Cemetery in South Austin?

We question a question about the history of this Mexican-American cemetery — one that stands in contrast to many of the more staid cemeteries around Austin.


July 20, 2023

Why is Lala’s Little Nugget in Austin always decorated for Christmas?

No matter the season, the iconic Austin dive bar off Justin Lane is filled with snow globes, Christmas trees and strings of red and green lights. But the story behind how this decor came to be is always changing.


June 8, 2023

What’s the oldest music venue in Austin?

It seems like a simple question, with a simple answer. But there’s more to it.