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Dinner Time with Creatures, Chaos…and the Ladies

If you’re looking for a little musical dopamine to pick you up from the midweek slump, Cheer Up Charlie’s has a blend of sounds tonight to help get you through. Stopping for their Austin date on tour are Atlanta indie rockers Dinner Time, joined by Austin’s Indoor Creature, Cosmic Chaos, and Sadie and the Ladies serving-up everything from synthpop to garage rock and more. Doors open at 9 for this show tonight at Cheer Up Charlie’s on Red River. Get a little bill sampling below!

-Taylor Wallace, Weeknight Host

Texas Standard: July 31, 2019

On the national stage in Detroit, a declaration that Texas is in play for the Democrats in 2020. We’ll have a Texas take on the democratic debate last night. Also, the president’s border wall gets real for Starr county. NPR’s John burnett tells us what he’s learned about nearly 100 miles of new fencing. Plus a Politifact check that crime at the border’s gone way down. And an historic agreement on bail reform in Texas’ biggest county. Those stories and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

.phyres: “$ummer Ca$h”

It’s been almost one year exactly since we named Austin trio MAMAHAWK as our August 2018 KUTX Artist of the Month, and to wrap up July 2019, we’re taking a gander at one of their solo offshoots. And while MAMAHAWK appropriately stylizes their name in all caps, keyboardist and vocalist Adam Littman has taken a more reserved approach with his new project, .phyres.

Littman takes a page from Anderson .Paak and Frank Ocean just as much as he does from Childish Gambino and The Beatles, resulting in something that’s chill, soulful, fun, and most of all relatable. Case in point, .phyres’ debut original single that’s all about making money during these slow toasty days. So keep your eyes on the horizon for a corresponding music video in the near future and get your mid-week allowance with this tune co-mixed by Alex Chod (of Midcentury, Wonderbitch, and Yatte), $ummer Ca$h“!

Do you Fux With the Tux?

It’s only Tuesday, but it’s time to party like it’s the weekend–and to be fair, maybe Tuesday is your weekend….The dynamic duo of Mayer Hawthorne and producer Jake One return to Austin tonight as the slick dance duo Tuxedo. They bring their disco-funk sounds to Empire Control Room & Garage tonight on Red River at 7th. Doors open at 6 for this night of sweaty-but-formal fun. No pressure, though! Tuxedos not required, but boogies shows encouraged! Shuffle-step-ball-change and Charleston all the over there.

Texas Standard: July 30, 2019

Day one, round 2: as democrats in the race for the White House duke it out in Detroit, what should Texans be looking for? We’ll explore. Plus, bad blood between some Houston police officials and the Harris county district attorney’s office. Some top cops complaining prosecutors are too soft on crime. Also, a new drug testing policy for some students near Amarillo casting a very broad net, and raising eyebrows nationwide. We’ll take a look. And a crisis at the border fueling a crisis for some church congregations? Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

Swimming With Bears: “Don’t Think About It”

Their name may sound kind of like a knockoff BBC nature documentary, but Swimming With Bears is actually an Austin four-piece headed upstream to fry bigger fish. Bassist-vocalist Joe Perry leads the pack, who have spent quite a while developing their sound since well before the release of their 2016 debut. They’ve described this style as “alternative soul” and after a recent hibernation on their sonics, the quartet has emerged with the rejuvenating energy of “pop n roll”.

Pair that with their invitation to open for Weezer not too long ago and their collaboration with Lumineers producer Ryan Hadlock for their upcoming self-titled EP, and you can see why Swimming With Bears is on course to become a pop-soul apex. Swimming With Bears is out September 13th, so control your excitement, and just…“Don’t Think About It”!

Swimming With Bears 2017 Studio 1A Session

Texas Standard: July 29, 2019

Defense Department Money reallocated to build a border wall gets the green light from the U.S. Supreme Court. What the decision means for Texas. Plus, one of the longest serving members of the Trump administration steps down, and a Texas congressman being talked about as his replacement as the new director of national intelligence, we’ll have details. And give me a home where the cattle won’t roam? The Texas attorney general gets tapped to weigh in on a fight over keeping cattle at home on the range:

Masculine Pain: “Thoughtfully”

Whether or not you’re invested in the ever-changing world of gender politics, you’ll definitely want to learn about Masculine Pain. Over the past couple years Big Bill‘s Eric Braden has tightened his bond with Tres Oui and Literature’s Nate Cardaci along with Tim Bond of Pataphysics and Gary Wilson Band to power this indie-fueled three-piece, who are expected to release their debut album in the not-too-distant future.

There’s not a lot of material lying around to gauge just how impressive this trio is right at the moment, but we’ve already fallen in love with Masculine Pain’s debut single, one that  recalls the sanguine tones and production of the ’80s: “Thoughtfully”!

Best of “Higher Ed:” Effective Correction

This episode was originally posted on Sept. 30, 2018.

Most people do not necessarily enjoy being told when they are wrong. The formal education experience can at times seem like it is full of those moments – between corrections, grades, comments and evaluations.  In this episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed,” Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton discuss ways to correct without rejecting.

Those big, red X’s splashed all over a Math test or those comments scribbled in the margins of papers can lead students to focus on the fact that they got an answer wrong, instead of the fact that they have a learning opportunity to master some material. And nasty comments from a student on a teacher or course evaluation may not motivate teachers to do better.

“If someone just says too much work, or, you know, Burger was so mean I can’t stand him, that’s not particularly helpful” says Ed referring to student evaluations of teachers. ” And even if that’s followed by an actual interesting idea, I might dismiss it a little bit because I see the context.”

So how can students and teachers – and anybody, really – effectively convey ideas for improvements?

Ed has some ideas:

  • Keep it about the question, paper, assignment, or class at hand. Don’t elevate the criticism into something of broader scope.
  • Keep the situation focused on thoughtful – rather than purely emotion – inputs and responses.
  • Focus on what can be learned from the situation.

Listen to the full episode for more thoughts about both giving and receiving constructive corrections and to hear the solution to the puzzler about the digits of our left hand. Still trying to multiply the number of left hand digits of everyone on the planet? Turns out there is a quick and easy way to figure it out.

This episode was recorded on Aug. 9, 2018.

Judge Damon Keith with Peter J. Hammer (Ep. 34, 2019)

This week on In Black America, producer and host Joh L. Hanson, Jr. presents a tribute to the late Federal Judge Damon J. Keith, with Peter J. Hammer, Wayne State University Law professor and author of Crusader for Justice: Federal Judge Damon J. Keith.

Goon: “Check Engine Light”

Los Angeles based grunge-gaze four-piece Goon is the project of guitarist, singer, and painter Kenny Becker. While they’ve been releasing music since early 2016, a medical condition that causes Becker to lose his senses of smell and hearing for long chunks of time put the release of their debut record on hold. With a sound reminiscent of acts like Pixies and Boards of Canada with a modern twist, “Check Engine Light” is a highlight from their overwhelmingly strong debut, Heaven is Humming.

Once an underground L.A. favorite, with the release of their 2017 EP Happy Omen, the buzz-worthy band was signed to Partisan Records elevating them from a local favorite to artist on the rise. On “Check Engine Light” Goon’s post-grunge aesthetic takes center stage with grumbling bass and hazy vocals that are both hypnotic and punchy evoking a combination of 90s garage rockers Pavement, the emotive songwriting of Elliot Smith and a dash of California psychedelia. While their debut album has been three years in the making, the end result is something well worth a listen.

Claire Hardwick, KUTX Intern

KUT Weekend – July 26, 2019

Democrats are betting the state’s changing suburbs will help them win Congressional seats in 2020. Plus, migrants facing legal limbo as asylum laws change. And why some Central Texas lakes could be lowered for safety. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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Texas Standard: July 26, 2019

After an unofficial moratorium, a revival of the federal death penalty. The protocol they plan to use mirrors the Texas model, we’ll have more. And: Texans with ties to Puerto Rico ask what’s next after the resignation of the territorial governor. Many are wondering where the movement that led to his ouster goes from here. Also: UT San Antonio gets tapped to boost research on battlefield trauma care in hopes of helping veterans. Plus: The week in Texas politics and a whole lot more today on the Texas Standard:

Slow Down Summer

It is already almost August?! Didn’t summer just begin?! That was the inspiration for this Typewriter Rodeo poem.

LEISURE: “Too Much Of A Good Thing”

Starting with their 2016 self-titled debut, New Zealand five-piece LEISURE has produced some of the finest in psych, funk, and pop of the past few years. The all caps stylization of what would otherwise be a pretty laid back name fits perfectly for LEISURE, whose infectious sound is filled with mid-tempo pulsating grooves that’ll make you want to dance but also undeniably chill overtones that’ll massage you back into your seat.

Today marks the release of the Auckland quintet’s sophomore full-length, Twister, and because the weekend’s all about letting go, indulge yourself with these kickass Kiwis, courtesy of “Too Much Of A Good Thing”!

Hot Summer Nights

This week marks the return of Hot Summer Nights, summertime shows featuring some of the best ATX-based talent across multiple genres at designated Red River Cultural District venues.

There are several HSN shows to choose from starting tonight with Major Major Major, Megafauna and more at Empire Control Room, 606 E. 7th St.; Marmalakes, Star Parks, Knife In the Water, Kay Odyssey and more at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 901 Red River; Holy Wave, Wrongbird, Cosmico and Soda Lillies at Stubb’s indoor venue, 801 Red River; and Mayeux & Broussard (featured on today’s Austin Music Minute) scaring the locals with their hoodlum pals Sour Bridges and Harvest Thieves at the Mohawk, 912 Red River.

These shows are free, babe. Now is that hot, or what?! Get on up. So recommended.

-Photo of Mayeux & Broussard courtesy of the artist.

Texas Standard: July 25, 2019

Despite concerns over bias, judges rule Texas can remake its political maps without Federal oversight. We’ll take a look at what that means moving forward. Also, how did Texas lawmakers on both sides of the aisle try to score points in Wednesdays Mueller hearings? We’ll take a closer look. And danger people at work: on the job deaths on the rise in Texas. Plus Texans getting prosecuted for helping undocumented migrants. And the legacy of Freddy Fender, your latest weekend trip tips and so much more today on the Texas Standard:

Guy Forsyth & Jeska Bailey: “Daddy’s Listening”

Die-hard Austin music lovers will recognize the name Guy Forsyth instantly. His live sets have been a mainstay since the mid-’90s and after breaking out he’s had no trouble opening for legends likes of B.B. King, Ray Charles and Dr. John. Guy met his partner in marriage and songwriting Jeska Bailey at her own club in San Angelo, and they’ve finally decided to put their chemistry on the record.

Tomorrow they release their first-ever collaborative full-length, Conspirators, featuring seven robust new tunes and five fitting covers that flesh out everything from folk, roots, soul, rock, blues and even cabaret. These delicate but potent musical foils will leave you beggin’ for more, and you can see them together next Tuesday at the Saxon Pub. Get those ears perked up early with one of the album’s boldest originals, “Daddy’s Listening”!