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Tash Sultana: “Big Smoke”

She’s a master of guitar, vocals, piano, trumpet…the list goes on and on for up-and-coming Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana. Having turned to a life of busking towards the end of her high school days, the still-young Sultana truly is a one-woman band with a ton of talent tucked away in her gig bag.

Sultana’s first offering, the Notion EP, was released in 2016 and today she shares her debut full-length, Flow State. Clocking in at just over an hour, Flow State is a baker’s dozen of Sultana originals that find middle ground between psych, alternative, lo-fi, pop, R&B and beyond. Some will break your heart. Some just plain bang. It is simply, a singular Sultana experience. The weekend is welcoming you with open arms, so spark up that late summer positive energy with “Big Smoke”!

Texas Standard: August 31, 2018

Down to the wire: Canada racing to do what Mexico did: strike a deal with the U.S. and save NAFTA. If they can’t, what will it mean for Texas? We’ll take a look. Also, politics watchers nationwide are enthralled by the Senate race in Texas. One of the most serious challenges from the Democrats in decades and hispanics may hold the key. Question is: will they turn out to vote? But more than that, how will they vote? Republicans rethinking their strategy. Also, business is booming in construction across Texas, just one problem: where are the workers? Those stories and a whole lot more on todays Texas Standard:

KUT Weekend – August 31, 2018

In the Trump Era, Texas Republicans are split on how much to court Hispanic voters. Plus, venues in Austin’s Red River district have a new full-time paid advocate. And a year after Hurricane Harvey, a Port Aransas entrepreneur is helping returning tourists get around in style. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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Wild Nothing: “Letting Go”

With three LPs and just as many EPs since 2010, there’s a good chance you already know Jack Tatum’s dream pop platform Wild Nothing. Though this Virginia-based act performs live as a ensemble, Tatum remains the sole songwriter and after playing frontman for a decade, he’s bigger, bolder and more colorful than ever before.

This week marks the release of Wild Nothing’s brilliant fourth full-length, Indigo. Indigo comes out tomorrow and Wild Nothing joins us in town at the Mohawk in late October. Shake off the work week blues with a free download of Indigo‘s lead single, “Letting Go“!

Texas Standard: August 30, 2018

The state department denying US passports to American citizens born near the border. The accusation: fraudulent birth certificates. We’ll talk to the Washington post reporter who found that the citizenship of hundreds, possibly thousands of hispanics with American birth certificates are being stripped of their passports, and their legal status in the US thrown into question. We’ll hear the how and why. Also, Harvey trapped hundreds of thousands of Texans when major freeways flooded across Houston. Now the effort to fix what’s causing clogged arteries during storms. And smart enough to set up a smart home? A new industry emerges to help. Those stories and more today on the Texas Standard:

The City Within Our City

Listen back to a very special edition of KUT’s Views and Brews recorded live at the Blanton Museum on the campus of The University of Texas at Austin,“The City Within Our City.”

KUT’s Rebecca McInroy hosts Dr. Rich Reddick, Dr. Cherise Smith, Rabbi Neil Blumofe, and Blanton Curator Veronica Roberts to talk about “The City,” the large-scale work by Vincent Valdez now on view at the museum.

What is the role of art in community? How can art help us combat injustice? And what does this piece tell us about ourselves?

Matt Holubowski: “The King”

In case you missed Montreal’s Matt Holubowski, this week’s the perfect chance to catch up! Ever since this bilingual singer released his debut album Ogen Old Man in 2014, Holubowski has been luring listeners into his forest of lo-fi folk-enriched sounds, made all-the-more dreamy through its charming imperfections and on-off French-English lyrics.

Holubowski’s second album Solitudes came out two years ago but he’s revisiting the full-length in tandem with its follow-up EP Epilogue by way of a re-release. The deluxe version of Solitudes comes out on Friday before Holubowski embarks on a two-month international tour. Right now though let’s look back with Matt on one of Solitudes’ heavier selections, “The King“.

Texas Standard: August 29, 2018

A Texas police officer convicted of murder in the shooting death of a black teenager leaving a party in a Dallas suburb. Is this a turning point? Police across the Lone Star State have embraced body cameras for greater transparency, but its rare for footage to be decisive in a case alleging unwarranted use of police power. Yesterday’s murder verdict was an exception. We’ll hear why and what it could mean going forward. And a noisy goodbye from the person overseeing federal efforts to curb abuses and excesses in student loans. He claims the Trump administration is unraveling protections for students. Plus the case for taking Wednesday’s off on this hump day edition of the Texas Standard:

This Song: Ethan Hawke and Ben Dickey

The new movie, BLAZE, about legendary singer and songwriter Blaze Foley, is in theatres now. Listen as Ethan Hawke and Ben Dickey describe why they love the music of Blaze Foley and what led them to make a movie about his life.

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Masego: “Old Age” feat. SiR

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Masego is one of the most talented artists you may have missed until now. This young but hard working globe trotter has been slowly unfurling his unique style of soul music over the past year and just last week he announced the release of his debut album Lady Lady, coming out next Friday. The thirteen eclectic and instrospective songs on Lady Lady prove to be a crossroads of sounds ranging from jazz and R&B to soul and trap, all topped with Masego’s immaculate vocals.

Masego’s masterful musicianship has earned him a spot on Leon Bridges’ international tour, continuing this Saturday and Sunday at ACL Live at the Moody Theater. If you can’t score tickets for those shows, you can still do Tuesday right with a free download of Masego’s newest single featuring California singer SiR, “Old Age”!

Texas Standard: August 28, 2018

After NAFTA, now what? The president says a new trade deal with Mexico doesn’t need Canada along for the ride. What does it mean for Texas? We’ll take a look. Also, for only the second time ever, Texas politicians assemble to drum up support from the state’s disability community. Who’s saying what and do prospective voters like what they’re hearing? And Beto and Ted’s excellent adventure: why a filmmaker is turing a midterm Battle Royale into a motion picture. And starving in the Texas suburbs: hidden hunger and the effort to address it. Plus prehistoric insects buggin the Lone Star State? Those stories and so much more on today’s Texas Standard:

Summer Magic: “Charles de Gaulle in the Afternoon”

Over the past decade Kevin Bachmann has become somewhat of a household name in the St. Louis music scene; he’s been a member of three well-known groups but he’s also recently taken the reins as frontman for his new project, Summer Magic. Bachmann’s talent is ever present but there’s no denying that Summer Magic is a considerable departure from the sounds he’s been associated with for years. Troubadour Dali was soaked in shoegaze, Lapush flirted with rock and pop, and Jon Hardy & The Public was straight up roots rock, yet Summer Magic is a completely different breed. Bachmann’s spent the past two years on “his baby”, the debut album from Summer Magic, Sharks and Other Dangers. These eight songs showcase Bachmann like we’ve never heard before: bright melodies, fuzzy guitars and compositions that aren’t just accessible, they’re catchy as hell!

Sharks and Other Dangers comes out on Friday! Treat yourself right with a previously unheard song from Summer Magic, “Charles de Gaulle in the Afternoon”.

Texas Standard: August 27, 2018

Nearly a million Texans without representation in the Texas Legislature? Why is the governor refusing to call an election for a soon to open seat?

Amid concerns over sexual misconduct on campus, Texas A&M promises to overhaul how it handles complaints. We’ll take a closer look.

Also, exactly one year after the storm, Houston approves a bond referendum to help it deal with the next Hurricane Harvey- and why much, much more might be needed to fix its reservoirs.

Reversal of an EPA rule designed to push renewable energy. What does it mean for Texas?

And the seasonal superstition seizing many in the Rio Grande Valley. What is the canicula?

Best Of “Higher Ed:” Academia And Industry In Harmony?

The episode was originally posted on May 20, 2018.

Business and industry sometimes say they find students are not prepared for work – or the working world in general – when they graduate from college. Liberal arts institutions, meanwhile, say they are preparing flexible and well-rounded students who are ready to tackle anything. How can this disconnect be bridged? Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger and KUT’s Jennifer Stayton explore the relationship between academia and industry in this episode of KUT’s podcast “Higher Ed.

One might assume that academia and the business world have different goals and missions and would have trouble reaching consensus on what constitutes adequate preparation. But Ed actually calls that tension “superfluous” and believes academia and industry can achieve synergy if they set aside biases about each other and keep an open dialogue.

It is also time for the solution to a puzzler about how many golf balls it would take to fill a school bus. There is actually a relatively quick and easy way to figure that out.

This episode was recorded on April 20, 2018.

Dr. Brian Miles and Victor Murray (Ep. 38, 2018)

In Black America producer and host John L. Hanson, Jr. discusses High-Intensity Focused Unltrasound, a new prostate cancer treatment procedure, with Dr. Brian J. Miles, a board-certified urologist with Houston Methodist Hospital, and Victor Murray, a prostate cancer patient and recipient of the new procedure.

KUT Weekend – August 24, 2018

What it’s like in Rockport, Texas one year after Hurricane Harvey. Plus, why Bastrop has put a temporary stop to new development. And details on the incoming chancellor at the University of Texas System. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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This Song: Live at Waterloo Records with Israel Nash

Come to Waterloo Records on Thursday, August 30th at 5pm for a live taping of the This Song podcast with Israel Nash followed by an artist signing.  Israel will talk about a song that changed his life, explore his brand new album, LIFTED, and provide an intimate look at his creative process.

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