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Texas Standard: August 31, 2015

After the execution-style shooting of a deputy, Harris County’s sheriff blames a rhetoric that he says is out of control. Is he right? Also, when it comes to Texas versus the EPA what are Texans getting for their money? Plus- Robots! They’re here to take your job… Or are they?… We’ll compare science fiction versus fact. And The search for the fountain of youth… Aging and the audacity of hops. No matter where you are it’s Texas standard time

Robert C. Maynard (Ep. 38, 2015)

A 1985 conversation with the late Robert C. Maynard, a dynamic journalist, newspaper publisher and editor, former owner of the Oakland Tribune, and co-founder of The Institute for Journalism Education.

Holly Miranda // Johnny Goudie // David Ramirez

In this episode of “This Song,” Taylor Wallace sits down with Holly Miranda to talk about how a song she heard as a teenager opened her up to being open. Elizabeth McQueen sits down with musician and “how did I get here”  host Johnny Goudie to hear about a song from his teens that made him long for longing. And KUTX  Artist of the month for August, David Ramirez, tells Elizabeth about a song he fell in love with in 4th grade that still inspires him today.

 Listen to Holly Miranda’s studio 1A performance here
Download her live version of “All I Want is to Be Your Girl” from our Song of the Day  podcast here.
Listen to Johhny Goudie’s podcast “how did I get here” here.
Listen to David Ramirez’s Studio 1A session here.
Download David Ramirez’s “Communion”  from our Song of the Day here podcast here. 
Listen to David Ramirez’s guest DJ set for the MyKUTX series here.
And check out our music satire feature “the Rabbit Hole” here.
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Exercising In August

It’s hot. Heck, it’s always hot in August in Texas. Yet, somehow, many of us still manage to lace up our shoes and hit the hot asphalt for a walk, run or bike ride. That was the inspiration for this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem by Sean Petrie.

KUT Weekend – August 28, 2015

Going on a drunk driving patrol with Austin police….how men outnumber women on Austin’s live music stages….and behind the effort to save the Paramount theater. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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Texas Standard: August 28, 2015

Kids serving hard time in Texas prisons- what happens when they age into adulthood behind bars and are released into society? Also, the shooter who killed two journalists on live TV in Virginia wanted notoriety – should the media deny that to him by limiting coverage of his identity? Plus -why the speed of traffic may not be the best measure of how easily we get around. And what went wrong with a state program targeting obesity in middle schools and the week in Texas politics:

Rewarding Mediocrity

The ups and downs of rewards that praise participation in this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke.

Texas Standard: August 27, 2015

American gun violence was shoved into our faces with the shooting of two reporters on live TV. What is the doing to our minds? A cognitive psychologist weights in on the emotional effect watching of the Virginia shooting. Also- morale in the Dallas police department…officers are leaving the force and response times are going up. Stuck in traffic, you’re not alone? We’ll get the latest research on time wasted in the car. Plus, the attack of the spider mites, mining coal on public lands, and a new wave of smartwatches.

Texas Standard: August 26, 2015

Two Virginia journalists shot dead during a live TV broadcast today, opening new conversations around violence and the media. We’ll speak with a journalism professor about the ethics of airing video of the shooting. Plus, the battle over the Alamo in 2015 -pitting the daughters of the republic of Texas against the general land office. Also, gas prices- why are they higher some places than others and how low could they go? And saving historic theaters in Texas, new landfill technology, and WF strong on austin’s moon towers. All that and more coming up on the Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: August 25, 2015

The flood of immigrant children trying to enter the Texas border illegally has been cut in HALF. Is it proof the Texas border surge worked? Not everyone thinks so. Plus, your property tax bill could change depending on the outcome of a lawsuit filed by the city of Austin against the state of Texas. Also, new history textbooks are in Texas classrooms. Do they whitewash slavery and segregation? We’ll explore. And as high school athletes hit the fields, its concussion season at Texas hospitals. Those stories, the latest headlines and more on the national news show of Texas:

Texas Standard: August 24, 2015

Millions of Texas children are back to school today – but some kids who are u-s citizens can’t get in because their parents entered the country illegally. The legal fight over birth certificates for the children of undocumented immigrants. Plus, women’s equality day is this week- how much less are women earning for doing the same work as men in Texas? Also, there are concerns that San Antonio’s airport could be losing its competitive edge to austin. We’ll take a ride-a-long with a school bus driver….. and world class Texas photographer Eli Reed tells us about the long walk home. This is the Texas Standard:

Dr. Edward D. Irons (Ep. 37, 2015)

A conversation with Dr. Edward D. Irons, noted university educator, business, government and educational executive, management and financial consultant, and author of “Only By Grace,” a memoir.

Abbey Lincoln (8.23.15)

Abbey Lincoln was an American jazz vocalist, songwriter, and actress, who is known for adding a poignant voice to the conversation surrounding the civil rights movement during the 1960s in America. She was a controversial and often marginalized figure, especially following her work on, We Insist, which she, and drummer Max Roach produced in response to the exploitation and oppression of black Americans.

In this edition of Liner Notes, Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe, encourages us to find our voice through the music of Abbey Lincoln. To understand that it matters, to speak out, to break the silence around injustice. Acknowledging that ultimately, in order to heal, one must name the affliction and fully know the illness.

Construction Orange

Much of Texas is growing rapidly – and the construction industry is trying to keep up with demand. If it feels like everywhere you look there’s a street being widened or a building going up, you’re in good company.

That was the inspiration for this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem by David Fruchter.

KUT Weekend – August 21, 2015

The oil bust in small town Texas….the Texas olive oil industry grows….and some of the best breakfasts in Austin. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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Texas Standard: August 21, 2015

On today’s show the future of women in combat. And, in the land of the oil bust, the repo man looms large. Plus, Houston gets its first electronic flash flood gates. And, what’s it like moving 600 hospital patients, across a sky bridge over a busy street in Dallas. All those stories and more on the national daily news show of Texas:

Expectations, Goals, and Happiness

Why is it that we’re not always as happy as we think we should be when we accomplish our goals? In this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about the concept of The Hedonic Treadmill, and what we can do to set ourselves up for a happier life.

Texas Standard: August 20, 2015

Water woes in Texas. How flooding reshaped the Buffalo Bayou. And the opportunity before Godzilla el Nino hits. Today, twelve million dollars for a new treatment plant and the water is still unsafe? Plus, why right now might the the perfect time to make some home repairs… And, does your kid really need that gaming computer for school? Finally, Cinderella, Snow White and the Lettuce Donkey? Those stories and so much more in today’s Texas Standard:

Texas Standard: August 19, 2015

Today, reading on screens- how digital media influences our attention span, both online and off. Also…let’s take a trip out to West Texas, where growers at the state’s biggest winery first faced the challenge of hot, dry weather. Then, trying to convincing folks to drop the can and pick up a bottle. Plus, what’s better for property value, living near a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s? Those stories and so much more in today’s Texas Standard: