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Texas Standard: June 30, 2015

After losing the battle over same sex marriage, there’s a mounting call among conservatives for the end of the marriage license. We’ll explore. Also, imagine hearing the news that your life has changed…as you make your way through the airport. We’ll meet a couple at the center of the challenge to Texas’s ban on same sex marriage. Airports, they’re so yesterday—the FAA green lights a Texas spaceport. Plus the challenge to ozone over Texas and much more…

Texas Standard: June 29, 2015

With Texas running out of lethal injection doses, an important death penalty decision handed down from the nation’s highest court details today. Friday’s same sex marriage ruling, it’s not it’s not just about the nuptials. From inheritance rights to education we’ll explore some far reaching implications for Texans. Plus, gold plated guns and pet cheetahs–Mexican cartels get into the propaganda game. Also, discovering the future of music in your neighbor’s dining room. Plus actor Jason Schwartzman and much more, on the Texas Standard:

A Tribute to B.B. King (Ep. 29, 2015)

In Black America presents a remembrance of the late B.B. King, the legendary blues guitarist, singer and bandleader known as the King of the Blues Guitar, with an interview recorded in 1995.

KUT Weekend – June 26, 2015

Gay couples in Travis County get marriage licenses after the Supreme Court rules on gay marriage….battle over Confederate symbols in Austin…and Austin musicians struggle to afford health insurance. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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Andrew Hill (6.28.15)

Andrew Hill was an American jazz pianist and performer, who’s innovative approach to composition, was not only shared on his records and in the clubs, but also in the classroom. In this edition of Liner Notes, Rabbi and jazz historian Neil Blumofe, talks about what the life, legacy and perspective of Andrew Hill can teach us about how we, not only approach music, but life also.

Texas Standard: June 26, 2015

A huge moment in US history as the Supreme Court rules the constitution requires states to issue same sex marriage licenses. In a landmark 5-4 decision, same sex marriage becomes the law of the land- but what are the immediate implications in Texas? We’ll be talking with Texans immediately affected by the ruling…and with reporters and analysts who’ve been covering this issue as it relates to the Lone Star State…as well as opponents of gay marriage, some of whom have called for civil disobedience…The big story—and much more just ahead…on the Texas Standard.

Gay Marriage

Thanks to a landmark Supreme Court ruling, same sex marriage is now legal across the country. That was the inspiration for this week’s Typewriter Rodeo poem by Kari Anne Roy.

Phantom Pain

In this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke, kick off our three-part series on “Pain and The Brain” with a discussion of “Phantom Pain”. What it is, and how psychologists are finding new ways of helping patients who suffer with it.

Texas Standard: June 25, 2015

Nearly a million Texans will not lose Obamacare subsidies. A dissenting Scalia renames it SCOTUScare. Much more just ahead on the Texas Standard. Also from the supreme court today, what’s being called a major victory for fair housing activists in a case from Texas. We’ll explain. Need a ride? There’s Uber and Lyft…Need some gasoline? A Texas entrepreneur has a plan…we’ll hear about it. With high meat prices, Briskets increasingly on the back burner. Barbecued clod anyone? Texas Monthly’s Barbecue editor joins us to stoke the flames… Plus—what do texans really think of Jade Helm? All that and more…

Texas Standard: June 24, 2015

We do not pay ransoms to hostage takers.That’s longtime US policy. But today the hard line softens. The implications…coming up on the Texas Standard. An accidental economic stimulus package for the poorest county in Texas. Teen pregnancies in Texas- researchers know more than teens may think… Plus , why your dumb old clunker could soon become a smart car…or at least, pretty clever. Those stories and lots more as the national news show of Texas gets underway

Texas Standard: June 23, 2015

The Texas connection to the South Carolina shooting…hiding in plain sight in mainstream American politics. The story of the CCC, today on the Texas Standard. As the nation waits for a signal on same sex marriage from the supremes, evangelicals call for civil disobedience. We’ll hear firsthand what that might mean. Also, no love lost at love field as Southwest seeks to boot Delta for trespassing. Trespassing? Higher education redefined: a Texas degree in beer making. And does Texas really need its own Fort Knox? A new law poses the question: where shall we put a billion in bullion
All that coming up today on the Texas Standard.

Texas Standard: June 22, 2015

After protests and hunger strikes freedom for scores of south Texas detainees…congressman Joaquin Castro joins us. $300 million in spending cuts…with the stroke of the governor’s pen. We’ll hear what got dropped over the weekend, and what it means for the bigger picture. Using well water in the Barnett shale could be hazardous to your heath…that according to one of the most comprehensive groundwater studies in US history. We’ll have details. You can do anything if you really try. Really? We’ll hear from a Texan who went all in to learn how to dunk a basketball.

Higher Ed: Conquering Math “Phobia”

“I was told there would be no math!” It’s a line people sometimes say in mock frustration when faced with a situation involving arithmetic.  For some people, the thought of doing addition or subtraction causes their hearts to race and their palms to sweat. Why is that? Why do so many of us fear numbers? In this episode of KUT’s podcast Higher Ed, KUT’s Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr. Ed Burger confront the concept of math phobia and explore ways to conquer it. Ed and Jennifer delve into the reasons why some people are math averse and discuss if it’s really math, or arithmetic, that people don’t like. Whether you love it or can leave it, listen on to hear a celebration of the “nerdiness” of math and to hear Ed issue a heartfelt apology. What for? You’ll only know by checking out this episode.

Ylanda Gault Caviness, pt. 2 (Ep. 28, 2015)

In Black America host John L. Hanson, Jr. concludes a conversation with Ylonda Gault Caviness, parenting journalist and editor, mother of three, and author of “Child, Please: How Mama’s Old-School Lessons Helped Me Check Myself Before I Wrecked Myself.”

KUT Weekend – June 19, 2015

Plans to overhaul I-35….a ban on deep fryers in public schools lifted by the new Agriculture Commissioner…and how a Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act could affect Texas. Those stories and more in this edition of KUT Weekend!

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Texas Standard: June 19, 2015

It’s marked across the US and beyond but it got its start here in Texas 150 years ago today…It’s Juneteenth and this is the Texas Standard. A day of celebration overshadowed by tragedy. Today our commentator calls for a 21st century civil rights movement. Also, The president’s vision for a coal free power grid…how close is Texas to meeting his goals? Closer than you might think. As a new pixar blockbuster heads for the big screen, we’ll do our best to turn the premise “Inside Out”. All that plus the week in Texas politics and more.

Summer and Time

In this edition of Two Guys on Your Head, Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke talk about organizing time to make the most of time off.

June 18, 2015

The confederate banner on license plates: can Texas ban it? The Supreme Court says yes in a landmark case on the first Amendment. Wireless complaints lead to a massive fine against Dallas based AT&T. How much should a starting schoolteacher get paid? A Texas district ups the ante to 50 k… A new book challenges stereotypes about who’s packin heat in Texas—and why.